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Chestnut Ridge Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
As reported by Roddy Potter: "This course really cut me down to size. I'd gotten reasonably good at two other Buffalo-area courses (Beaver Island and Joe Davis) and a few others I'd tried, but nothing prepared me for Chestnut Ridge. I throw sidearm and depend on big distance to break par; my drive accuracy is just-OK, but my regular courses are wide-open enough that I can get away with it. Not so here. Chestnut Ridge's 18 holes wind up, down, and across a murderous disc-eating ravine, and the trees are so dense that nothing short of pinpoint accuracy will stave off bogies (or worse). Furthermore, the baskets are frequently located on steep slants near the drop; "go-for-it" putting too frequently becomes "go-get-it" putting, and even a moment's inattentiveness can turn a par-four into a snowman. Hitting par from the blue tees seemed totally unimaginable to me on a few of these holes. I started out driving with my JLS, but after the first half-dozen holes (and more than a few high-speed tree impacts) it seemed pointless to throw anything other than Wasp, Roc, and Comet. Needless to say, my big overstable drivers never came out of the bag. My scorecard was appalling at the end of the round. Still, it was great practice; I played my usual course in the afternoon and shot a personal best, largely due to better discipline in my approaches. Thanks, CR. (One final word of warning: Don't bother throwing Pro-D or DX discs at Chestnut Ridge, as they'll get mulched. High-end plastic is a must here.)" Baskets: Metal Chain Tees: Natural

Course Location:State: NY
From north; Rte. 90 to 219 south. Armour Duelles exit, turn right at light onto Rte. 72 (Chestnut Ridge Rd.). Park is 2 miles ahead- look for signs. Entrance on right, up hill and turn left. 1st tee on the right side of the casino.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9Hole 10Hole 11Hole 12Hole 13Hole 14Hole 15Hole 16Hole 17Hole 18
Beaner12/30/201064-864646412/30/2010 ...433444333443433453
Nerdboy11/30/200958-1466.90965.2565.9 333333333433344334
ksmoothy10/12/200961-1164.564.564.5 334343432434443334
ksmoothy10/12/200962-1065.66765.66765.667 333344443333344344
ksmoothy10/12/200968-467.567.567.5 343345355334643334
ksmoothy10/12/200967-5676767first time ...434445432344443444
rikardob8/18/200957-1562.562.562.5Back 9.333333333334433325
rikardob8/16/200968-4686868O.B. on 2. ...443434443334524545
joesrustedstrings4/13/200959-1365.5716465.571best round ...344333332433433344
traverd4/12/200977577.62577.577.625 445445463545454344
joesrustedstrings4/11/200966-666.66766.566.667 344434333445433444
guitarfreak4/8/200962-1066.18263.2565.2 334345333533434333
traverd4/8/200977577.71475.2577.714 455544443546544443
guitarfreak4/8/200963-966.664.2566.6woot that p...334444434342353334
joesrustedstrings4/5/200969-366.866.7566.8don't drink...354444433343444454
joesrustedstrings4/2/200962-1066.2566.2566.25 343444333433453333
joesrustedstrings3/29/200969-367.66767.66767.667 344434433444444544
joesrustedstrings3/16/200967-5676767 454434433434434344
joesrustedstrings3/14/200967-5676767 344444343434434444
Nerdboy12/4/200870-267.33367.566.9 343454434444444444
Nerdboy10/19/200867-567.265.566.4stunning be...353444434433444533
superium10/17/200862-1064.5566464.556 344343432333443534
Nerdboy10/12/200866-667.21165.7566.1 334443443434453434
Nerdboy10/11/200867-567.27865.7566.2 354533443443533434
Nerdboy9/26/200862-1067.29465.7566.1 344444433343333334
shirfan9/24/200865-770.14868.569.2 443434332434553434
superium9/20/200863-964.87564.7564.875 444344333333353326
Nerdboy9/19/200868-467.62567.2566.7 434434345443535325
shirfan9/10/200869-370.34669.7569.8 445443354334443444
shirfan9/9/200868-470.470.2569.8 443444543444433434
shirfan9/9/200872070.57169.8 354444545544334434
shirfan9/8/200870-270.43569.7569.9 454353452443344535
superium9/8/200864-865.1436465.143 225443343544542334
Nerdboy9/5/200866-667.667.2566.5windy- but ...254344433455334433
superium9/4/200867-565.33363.7565.333 344544433344534343
superium9/3/200865-76563.7565 444434334354333434
Nerdboy9/3/200867-567.7146767.1what a chal...334444342445434435
shirfan9/2/200871-170.42969.2570.2 334545443534444444
shirfan9/2/200867-570.469.2569.4 452444443444334533
superium8/26/200860-12656565 233334435343333344
ProteesNerdboy8/26/2008797777777i hate blue...444354554545544545
superium8/25/200863-966.66766.66766.667 344344353433333443
bavhappykid8/23/200871-1717171 435654433344453443
Nerdboy8/21/200868-467.76966.2567.1a very stil...444444433335334445
superium8/21/200867-568.568.568.5 334433455354344244
shirfan8/17/200870-270.57969.7569.7Shark only452534444444343445
shirfan8/17/200869-370.61169.2569.9 464344333553433444
shirfan8/16/200871-170.70670.2569.9 554334534444353435
shirfan8/14/200869-370.68869.7569.5 444446433334344444