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Arakelian Park Livingston Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
Two teeson each hole, grass is maintained. Trees come into play on a couple of holes. Short positions have concrete tee pads, long positions are marked with in-ground cinder blocks. Slight elevation change, consistent breezes, and the canal (Hole #3) provide some challenge. The five baskets at Arakelian Park are a compliment to the four baskets at Gallo Park a quarter mile to the west.

Course Location:State: CA
From Hwy 99 North: Take the Winton Parkway exit, turn left over Highway 99 and proceed to the light at B street. Take a left at B Street and continue on to Prusso Street. Follow Prusso until J Street, take a right at J and the parking lot for Arakelian is to the right. Parking is available along the street as well. From Hwy 99 South: Take the Winton Parkway exit, take a right and proceed to the light at B street. Directions are the same as above once at B Street. To Gallo Park from Arakelian Park: Take a left on to Prusso, then left on to I Street/Amarone. Follow the road around the north side of the park, turn left at Montelena/Mont Cliff and follow to Gallo Park.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9Hole 10
NatAndSons2/10/201529-128.812828 4331243333
NatAndSons1/24/201528-228.828.528.1Ben, Rylan,...3322333333
NatAndSons5/14/201428-228.84228.2527.9 2332323433
NatAndSons4/21/201427-328.88928.2528 2333233323
NatAndSons4/8/2014311292828.3 3323334334
NatAndSons3/19/201427-328.8752727.9 3323223333
NatAndSons2/24/201428-22927.528.5 3323224333
NatAndSons2/11/201426-429.0712828.6 2224223333
NatAndSons1/20/201427-329.3082828.6 3233333322
NatAndSons1/18/201429-129.528.529 3324333323
NatAndSons1/15/201430029.54528.7529.2 3333333333
NatAndSons12/16/201326-429.52829.5 2132233433
NatAndSons12/12/201329-129.88929.7529.889 3233234324
NatAndSons12/12/20133003029.7530 3423224433
NatAndSons11/28/201327-33028.7530 3223323432
NatAndSons11/14/201333330.529.7530.5 3343534233
NatAndSons10/29/201329-13029.2530 2233334243
GLG10/29/201328-2282828 2223333334
NatAndSons10/29/201326-430.2530.2530.25 2222243333
NatAndSons10/28/201331131.66731.66731.667 3332334343
NatAndSons10/3/2013311323232 3333333334
NatAndSons10/2/2013333333333 3343334334