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Cameron Park 9 Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
Cement tees, perm. basket

Course Location:State: TX
Waco cameron park

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9
vaderdave1017/22/200829228.528.528.5 343333433
vaderdave1017/22/2008281282828 343333234
suzy11/2/200632535.2535.2535.252nd round w...432354434
suzy11/2/200636936.33336.33336.333w/ marty432465444
moia11/2/200631432.16732.532.167secnond rou...333344434
moia11/2/200630332.432.7532.42nd round w...332344434
moia11/2/2006369333333w/ sue 2nd ...434355444
moia11/2/2006336323232w/ sue 1st ...334354434
scoot_er8/11/200620-720.33320.33320.333 232222223
scoot_er8/11/200621-620.520.520.5 322232322
scoot_er8/11/200620-7202020 232232222
suzy6/6/2006381136.536.536.52nd round w...544364444
suzy6/6/2006358353535w/ marty 1s...433464434
moia6/6/200632531.531.531.5w/ sue 2nd ...343444334
moia6/6/2006314313131w/ sue firs...332355334