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Sullivan Middle School Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
Very short open course designed for middle schoolers. Uses an open field and wraps around a baseball field (OB). Natural Tees, DisCatcher Pro, Few Trees.

Course Location:State: SC
In Rock Hill behind the Rock Hill Tennis Center off of Cherry Road. 77 exit 82B On left between the Tennis Center and Cherry Park. First tee is on an island in the parking lot of the school.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgComments85149164161296400223109209
ncskewter1/30/200726-624.424.524.4 233243423
borchertd21/30/200725-724.224.2524.2 233333413
borchertd21/20/200721-11242424 232233222
borchertd21/20/200724-8252525 332333223
borchertd21/20/200727-525.525.525.5 333333333
ncskewter1/20/200724-8242424 223333332
ncskewter1/20/200725-7242424 233233333
ncskewter1/20/200723-923.523.523.5 233222333
borchertd21/16/200724-8242424 233333322
ncskewter1/13/200724-8242424 332333322