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Lagoon Valley 22 hole version Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
Front nine has Water Hazards around 4 holes. Short with lots of birdie opprotunities. Back nine is much longer, 2 holes over 570'. Wind is a factor, main direction is from the south, straight into holes 1,2 & 17. Course goes 1-14 then A, B, C, D then 15-18 to make it a 22 hole course.

Course Location:State: CA
Vacaville, California. Take Pena Adobe Rd from HWY 80.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9Hole 10Hole 11Hole 12Hole 13Hole 14Hole AHole BHole CHole DHole 15Hole 16Hole 17Hole 18
jolson5/3/200865-172.88967.570.19=4p across...3323232342353332343333
jolson4/24/200869373.35368.7570.911=5p, over...3323323333533333444333
jolson3/29/200868273.62568.7571.28-18 with P...3333243334334334333332
jolson3/22/20086827470.2572.3with Matt B...2334333334342333234343
jolson3/17/200870474.42971.25737=4p With M...2333324443443432334333
jolson3/4/200869374.76972.2573.4withh Matt ...3432333333324433334343
jolson1/21/200874875.257374.6 periods of...2333433333535333434344
jolson12/10/200772675.36472.7574.8 3433333433434333424343
jolson12/10/200774875.772.7575.7 4333233453435433523342
jolson10/28/200772675.8897475.889 3333333333434533343442
jolson9/4/200773776.37574.7576.375very windy ...2435322333334334433463
jolson8/27/200772676.8577576.85714=4p and h...3232234442523434433444
jolson8/13/2007791377.66777.2577.6677=5p for d ...3333335444444432344444
jolson7/17/200775977.476.577.4 3333334333634434433343
jolson7/17/2007748787878found lost ...3333434333344334424443
jolson7/16/2007811579.33379.33379.33314 lost dis...3354343333433634433374
jolson7/16/2007761078.578.578.54p, windy4334333432434334533363
jolson6/11/20078115818181First Time4423333444554334433544