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Lohmann Park Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
Mostly open and flat course. Fairly easy. Hole 8 played through dense wooded area. Only course near University of Illinois campus. Signs for some holes missing. Short, medium, and long tees on every hole, but only short tees are well-marked and easy to find.

Course Location:State: IL
I-74, at Champaign-Urbana area exit Cunningham Ave, south 2.5 miles to a left on Florida Ave. 1 mile, park is behind Thomas Paine School on right. Park at the school, walk behind the school, and veer southeast to hole 1.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9
mattleycrue9/21/2008281282828 234343333
uofipearljam4/6/200829226.79227.2526.9 433333343
uofipearljam4/5/200826-126.69626.526.8 333332243
uofipearljam4/5/200827026.72726.527.1 333334323
uofipearljam4/5/200827026.71426.2527 334333233
uofipearljam4/3/200826-126.726.7526.9 234332333
uofipearljam3/28/200826-126.7372726.9 233333333
uofipearljam3/26/200826-126.7782727.1 433333223
uofipearljam3/24/200829226.82427.527 433433243
uofipearljam3/12/200827026.68827.526.8 334333233
uofipearljam3/2/200826-126.66727.2526.7 324332234
uofipearljam2/16/200828126.71427.2526.7 324334333
uofipearljam11/9/200729226.61526.7526.8 433343333
uofipearljam10/19/200726-126.41726.526.4 422423333
uofipearljam10/18/200726-126.45526.2526.6 333233333
uofipearljam10/16/200726-126.526.526.5 333243233
uofipearljam9/22/200728126.55626.526.556 333233344
uofipearljam9/18/200725-226.3752626.375 333333232
uofipearljam9/12/200727026.5712726.571 433333224
uofipearljam9/9/200726-126.526.526.5 333333323
uofipearljam8/31/200726-126.62726.6 333332333
uofipearljam8/31/200729226.7526.7526.75 334433333
uofipearljam8/27/200725-2262626 324233233
uofipearljam8/27/200728126.526.526.5 333333352
uofipearljam8/18/200725-2252525 323242333