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Calvary Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
This somewhat short course is located on the property of a Calvary church. The weeds from each tee pad location to the target were mowed down short for a path about 4-6 feet wide when I was there. Also, the weeds were mowed from each basket leading to the next tee pad. The tee pad areas are easy to see and are dirt. The first tee pad is to the left of the basketball hoop near the parking lot. The first basket can be seen under a branch of a large tree directly ahead and somewhat to the right. Watch out for the back fence, as not very far beyond it is a freeway. This is a fun course with some good variety of challenges.

Course Location:State: MI
317 12th Street Plainwell, MI 49080 From Highway 131, take exit 49B and head west to 12th Street (very close). Turn left (south) and drive to course, located on left of street (east). It is just after an apartment complex about half a mile down 12th Street.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9
Laioni7/24/200934734.43434.4 433444534
Corim Danex7/24/200925-223.8332423.833 333342232
Corim Danex7/24/200925-223.623.523.6 333333223
Laioni7/23/200934734.534.534.5 434454334
Hadesblade7/23/200936939.7539.7539.75 555345333
Corim Danex7/23/200924-323.2523.2523.25 332333322
Laioni7/21/200933634.66734.66734.667 444333435
Hadesblade7/21/20093912414141 545444544
Corim Danex7/21/200922-5232323 323323222
Hadesblade7/20/20094215424242 555546435
Laioni7/20/200935835.535.535.5 445334345
Corim Danex7/20/200923-423.523.523.51st Ace eve...343313222
Laioni7/20/2009369363636 634444344
Hadesblade7/20/20094215424242 655444437
Corim Danex7/20/200924-3242424 322333233