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Stafford Lake Disc Golf Course Matchup

Course Description:
Very Challenging Course in the San Francisco Bay Area. This course winds through some lovely pastures and woodlands in the Stafford Lake park. The area where the course is situated is separate from the rest of the park so one never has to worry about picknickers, hikers or hitting anyone, although wild turkey, deer, rabits and vultures can be a problem.
Four of the first 5 holes are TOUGH with two par 4's, depending on the tee's used, and the pin locations. With a 1000+ foot 9th hole, if you can survive the front 9 near even par, the back 9 is where you can make some birdies.
New website can be found at: http://www.staffordlake.com/. Par for Stafford is 54.

Course Location:
Novato, CA

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Meatbag6/23/20097418000so sad...434344439345444444