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Evergreen State College disc golf Disc Golf Course Matchup

Course Description:
There are 3 baskets out therebon their field, we have come up with our own course of around 18 holes throwing from different area's around

Course Location:
From olympia get to the evergreen state college by cooper point of harrison going north all roads in Olympia take you to evergreen

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PlayerPlayDateTotalScoreHandicap Score4 Round
Handicap Score
10 Round
Handicap Score
CommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9Hole 10Hole 11Hole 12Hole 13Hole 14Hole 15Hole 16Hole 17Hole 18
seeder11/11/20127521-6.5-6.5-6.5Sample Data...453462553455662466
seeder11/11/20128127-0.333-0.333-0.333Sample Data...453462553455662466
seeder11/11/20128834000Sample Data...546445664644566445