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Georgetown School Disc Golf Course Disc Golf Course Matchup

Course Description:
Dirt tees in a small forest, although the basket for hole three is gone... also, the local events obstruct play to some of the basket if you try to play on certain days so this course may fail to be worthwhile

Course Location:
When you turn onto the school grounds the course is down the gravel road near the amphitheater... 6530 Wentworth Springs Rd Georgetown, CA 95634 United States

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PlayerPlayDateTotalScoreHandicap Score4 Round
Handicap Score
10 Round
Handicap Score
CommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9
seeder9/12/20163710-3.667-3.667-3.667Sample Data...525653524
seeder9/12/20164013-2.5-2.5-2.5Sample Data...525653524
seeder9/12/20164518000Sample Data...654565644