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Greenway Disc Golf Course Matchup

Course Description:
A small course near an office park in Beaverton. Located on a nature preserve, decent tees, a few thick areas to lose discs, but a nice course. Good tees and baskets. Ninth hole was removed in '09. You need to watch for pedestrians, as the walking path crosses fairways in several places.

Course Location:
Across I-217 from Washington Square in the Koll Business Center. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=45.459075,+-122.795292+(Greenway+DGC)&ie=UTF8&z=17&iwloc=A

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PlayerPlayDateTotalScoreHandicap Score4 Round
Handicap Score
10 Round
Handicap Score
CommentsHole 1:335 ftHole 2: 289 ftHole 3: 285 ftHole 4: 215 ftHole 5: 405 ftHole 6: 220 ftHole 7: 290 ftHole 8: 235 ft
Nodosaurus12/5/2009251-2.833-3.5-2.833 33423334
Nodosaurus12/5/20093172.62.252.6 54335443