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Old Ranch Park Disc Golf Course Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
The course goes back and forth up a hillside with #9 on plateau, at top of hill. Basket for hole 10 is also hole 2. Tees are marked by signage, but only hole 2 has a real tee pad (dirt box). Couldn't find signage for holes 7, 9, and 10. Hole #7 is from the park bench & garbage can in front of #6 basket. #9 is a dirt pad in front of 2 trees between #8 basket. #10 is from the #7 tee box but shooting back at #2 basket. Not many obstacles, but the bushes. Tough uphill shots, no shade, and nice orange baskets. The biggest challenges are the wind and elevation. Wind is toughest in afternoon rounds. To play the back 9 follow these tips: 10 (Play 7 tee box to 2 basket) 11 (Dirt 3 to 8 basket) 12 (5 tee box to 3 basket) 13 (3 basket to 7 basket) 14 (Under 8 to 4 basket) 15 (5 tee to 2 basket) 16 (Dirt pad to 5) 17 (Corner of picnic table to 9 basket) 18 (7 tee box to 1 basket)

Course Location:State: CA
From Highway 580; exit at Hopyard Blvd/Dougherty. Exit onto Dougherty (to the right if you exit 580 West). Make a left on Old Ranch Rd. Baskets are on the right, directly across from Old Ranch Park. Park in parking lot across the street. San Ramon, CA.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9Hole 10
Guido7912/12/201335534.7063433.6 3354432443
Guido7912/8/201335534.68833.7533.4 3353243444
Guido7912/6/201333334.66733.2533.8 2343343443
Guido7911/9/201333334.78633.7533.8 3443333334
Guido7911/2/201334434.92333.534.2 4444343332
Guido7911/1/20133333533.534.3 3454332333
Guido7910/19/201335535.18233.2534.72nd round f...3243443534
Guido7910/19/201332235.232.7535.2Played 18!3343342433
Guido7910/15/201334435.55634.535.556 2444332444
Guido7910/13/201332235.7534.2535.75Lots of hil...3334352432
Guido7910/3/201333336.28635.536.286Quick pract...3244333443
Guido7910/2/201339936.8333636.833 3354453444
Guido799/28/201333336.435.536.4Great Satur...3335233443
Guido799/15/201337737.2537.2537.25 3343444543
Guido799/7/201335537.33337.33337.333Not bad tod...3355343324
Guido799/4/201337738.538.538.5 3565333333
Guido799/4/20134010404040 4545453343
Boo7/1/20115020505050Super hot! ...5675554652
GOtheDISCTANCE7/1/2011344343434Not my favo...3344353333