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Disc Golf Player Ratings

Rank is based on a player's average score at the courses they play. Course difficulty also has an effect on the rank; playing well at a difficult course will give you better rank that scoring well at an easy course.

Top Players

  1060.93   GOtheDISCTANCE  

  999.83   BETrDANcris  

  999   Nodosaurus  

  999   fri  

  998.17   chrisjd7  

  1049.32   Cfactor  

  999   eladbern  

  999   NatAndSons  

  999   VaughnShotts  

  992.22   akiba  

  1038.96   Isaac  

  999   FireSpy  

  999   texaspride  

  999   splinterem  

  954.6   bluelbow  

  1032.52   br_della  

  999   narcpress  

  999   charlesdemar87  

  999   Moorstream  

  911.29   Boo  

  1003.44   taliBen  

Rating is based on a players 10 round average SPH (Strokes Per Hole) for each course where they have played at least 3 rounds within the last 180 days. The players average is then subtracted from overall average SPH for each course played. This produces the difference between the players average and the overall course average. These differences are then averaged using a proprietary algorithm to produce the rating value.

So playing well at a harder course will increase your rating. The difficulty of a course is determined by the average SPH (strokes per hole) for that course. So playing well at a difficult course will actually lower the difficulty rating of that course, causing ratings to adjust as well. This method of rating is only as accurate as the data being entered by each player. Also, there is the possibility that one course has a lot of strong players which causes that course to rate easier (due to all the low scores). A course with a lot of weaker players will rate as a more difficult course (due to the high scores). If the stronger players play the weaker players' course, they will do very well even though the course might be rated as harder than their home course. Of course this will cause the weaker players course to drop in difficulty. So, hopefully over time the system will take care of this problem as more players of varied ability play different courses.

Top 20 handicap scores in the last 30 days
PlayerCourseScoreScore - ParHandicap ScoreDate
bluelbowPIC Ile Charron54-3-11.78/20/2014
br_dellaCondon Park51-3-6.58/28/2014
taliBenPIC Ile Charron54-3-3.38/31/2014
br_dellaCondon Park551-2.78/21/2014
akibaRocklin DGC6915-1.98/30/2014
chrisjd7Bryan McClain Park637-1.98/23/2014
taliBenPIC Ile Charron55-2-1.99/3/2014
br_dellaCondon Park562-1.78/21/2014
BETrDANcrisBryan McClain Park637-1.08/23/2014
chrisjd7Bryan McClain Park648-0.78/31/2014
GOtheDISCTANCERocklin DGC595-0.58/27/2014
moiaWells Branch5840.09/10/2014
taliBenPIC Ile Charron5700.09/6/2014
taliBenPIC Ile Charron5700.19/10/2014
GOtheDISCTANCELion's Park4040.39/5/2014
BETrDANcrisBryan McClain Park6590.88/31/2014
br_dellaCondon Park5950.98/21/2014
BETrDANcrisBryan McClain Park66102.48/23/2014
chrisjd7Bryan McClain Park67112.68/23/2014
BETrDANcrisBryan McClain Park67112.98/31/2014