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Disc Golf Course Difficulty Rating

Why doesn't the course I play show up?

Disc Golf Courses In Order Of Difficulty
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Disc Golf Course Ranking Terms
What does all this mean?

  • Rating - The course rating is derived from the average strokes per hole for a disc golf course. Only courses with at least 2 active players with at least 3 rounds played each will be rated. An active player is any registered disc golfer that has entered a round in the last 180 days.
  • Standard Error - The standard error is a measurement of the statistical accuracy of the course rating based on the sample size used to obtain the rating. A lower standard error value indicates the rating is more accurate. A high standard error indicates the ranking is less accurate. As the sample size increases with more players adding their scores, the variation between the samples should decrease, and the ratings should become more accurate. In general, the disc golf course rating is more accurate when there is a greater sample size of players at that disc golf course. Only averages from players with at least 3 rounds scored for a course are used. If a player hasn't entered any rounds in 180 days, their average is not used.
  • Standard Deviation and Variance - The standard deviation tells you how evenly the values in a sample are distributed around the mean (or average). This measures how varied in skill the disc golfers are that were sampled for a given course. A smaller standard deviation value indicates the sampled players are closer to each other in skill. A greater standard deviation value indicates the sampled players were of mixed skill levels. A high standard deviation indicates that the players at a given course have a great variety of skill levels. A higher standard deviation increases the rating accuracy. A lower standard deviation decreases the accuracy. For example, if the sample contains scores from only pros (or only beginners), the standard deviation would be low. The pro scores would be low making the course rate easy while beginner scores would be high making the course rate hard. A beginner comparing one course to the other would mistakenly think their course is harder than the pro course and vice versa.

Why doesn't my disc golf course show up in the ratings?
Only Courses with 2 or more active players will be ranked.
If your course doesn't show up, try recording the scores of the people you play with or encourage them to enter their scores.