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Burchfield Park Devil's Den Disc Golf Scores

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For time's sake I'm not going to add every tee. Each tee has four throwing options (two tee pads, two baskets). Every tee pad is cement, roughly ten to twelve feet in length. This is a new course and is also pay-to-play ($4). Worth it. It is beautiful and sometimes unforgiving. It's great for beginners to pros and I absolutely mean that. Each basket has a flag on the top (blue or gold, depending on which you're throwing). This also helps with visibility and wind strength/direction. There is one water hole which can be tricky. It's also deep and murky. Some holes seem to pick up more wind than others, mostly on the back nine. During the summer the weeds get to be tall and thick which is cause for lost discs or wasted time searching. There is some forest but it's mostly out of the way (if you've been playing long enough to know how to avoid it, no offense beginners). It's well kept, very clean. Downsides include scarce seating (there's a bench for one on the last hole for some damn reason). There are sand traps and rock traps that are challenging because they're considered out of bounds. The placement of a few of these is terrible, but a challenge nonetheless. The ground level varies from hole to hole which can be deceiving on your perception. Each tee pad has a layout of the hole including out of bounds, distance and obstructions. This is a beautiful course that I am proud to have in my neighborhood. There are also maps and scorecards available. Come give it a "shot" and see if it's "par" to your standards and likeness. My puns are a little off "putting". Zing! P.S. They are currently building a second 18 hole course on the other side of this massive 540 acre park. It's scheduled to be opened by early summer 2012. I was told by a worker that it's mostly wooded and will run along the Grand River. I'm posting two links in the directions.

Course Location:State: MI
Burchfield Park Disc Golf Course: http://pk.ingham.org/WherecanIgoto/PlayDiscGolf.aspx Directions: http://pk.ingham.org/ParksTrails/BurchfieldPark/Directions.aspx

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