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BT Collins Park DGC Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
Recreational course that plays through hilly fields and tall oaks underneath the city’s large electrical transformer towers. The course plays from the Greenbelt/Bike trail and wraps around the city’s water tower plant as well as B.T. Collins Park before ending up back at the beginning The park and beltway are multi-use areas, which prohibits smoking/alcohol use in park. The course is on probationary status for its first year, so please be on your best behavior. This is one of several projects that the Folsom Disc Golf Club is working toward and our progress hinges on the success of this course.

Course Location:State: CA
Us-50 to exit 27. Head north on E Bidwell St. for 1.8 miles to a right on Oak Ave Pkwy. Follow Oak Ave. for 1.3 miles which dead ends in the disc golf parking lot. Special Note: Although the course is called B. T. Collins Park DGC and in fact does play around B.T. Collins Park, the beginning of the course is actually off the Oak Avenue Greenbelt/Bike Trail located at the dead-end of the Oak Avenue Parkway and just after the intersection with Willow Creek Drive and has its own parking lot located at approximately 760 Willow Creek Dr. Please park in this parking lot as the city does not want disc golfers to park on the street in front of the actual park, in order to minimize neighborhood interaction. The entrance to B. T. Collins Park will put you at roughly hole 7.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages
PlayerAverage4 Round
10 Round
Per Hole %

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9
GOtheDISCTANCE12/2/201727026.0825.7526.4Round two o...433323333
GOtheDISCTANCE12/2/201725-226.04225.7526.2With Doof, ...334223332
GOtheDISCTANCE11/29/201724-326.08726.526.6Solo start ...433222233
Boo11/22/201741144039.7539.8Drove past ...654643463
GOtheDISCTANCE11/22/201727026.18227.2526.8With Jess.....334323243
GOtheDISCTANCE11/11/201727026.14327.2526.5Monthly wit...434332233
GOtheDISCTANCE11/5/201728126.126.2526.4With Jess.....433332253
Boo11/5/2017401339.92339.539.7Beautiful f...745434463
Boo10/15/2017401339.91740.2539.9Unexpected ...755443363
GOtheDISCTANCE10/13/20172702626.526.4With C (sto...333323343
GOtheDISCTANCE10/4/201727025.9442626.3Solo... sta...433323243
Boo9/30/2017381139.90939.7540.2Biffed hole...554633363
GOtheDISCTANCE9/30/201723-425.88226.526.2TIED PB... ...333222233
GOtheDISCTANCE9/24/201729226.06227.2526.5With Jess.....334433333
Boo9/24/2017401340.14040.1Played loca...654533464
Boo9/13/2017431640.1114040.111First after...753535573
GOtheDISCTANCE9/13/201725-225.8672625.9With Jess.....432234232
GOtheDISCTANCE8/14/201726-125.6922625.9Solo... win...432323243
GOtheDISCTANCE8/5/201724-325.6672625.8With Jess.....332233242
Boo8/5/2017381139.753939.75Woah played...753432473
GOtheDISCTANCE7/26/201726-125.81826.525.9Solo... bac...432332333
GOtheDISCTANCE7/4/201728125.826.525.8With Jess.....433333333
Boo7/4/201739124039.540I'm hot, so...663433464
GOtheDISCTANCE6/23/201726-125.55625.2525.556With Jess.....433322333
Boo6/23/2017401340.16740.2540.167Beat the he...754543354
Boo6/3/2017391240.24140.2Guided the ...654434463
GOtheDISCTANCE6/3/201726-125.525.525.5The debut r...334233233
GOtheDISCTANCE6/1/201726-125.42925.7525.429A couple of...532332233
GOtheDISCTANCE5/24/201723-425.33325.525.333PB! Solo432223232
GOtheDISCTANCE5/15/201727025.82625.8First round...332334333
Boo5/7/2017401340.540.540.5Lots of bog...754444453
GOtheDISCTANCE5/7/201727025.525.525.5With Jess.....433323243
Boo4/30/2017421540.66740.66740.667Tweaked my ...654533565
GOtheDISCTANCE4/30/201725-2252525With Jess.....432223243
Boo4/23/20174316404040Rough start...763443565
GOtheDISCTANCE4/23/201725-2252525Another rou...333333232
GOtheDISCTANCE4/12/201725-2252525Inaugural d...432233332
Boo4/12/20173710373737Whoooooaa, ...663443353