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Boom Field Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
Open field. 18 holes. Disc Catcher baskets. Tees are rubber, some tees are shorter than others and 1 or 2 are cement squares. Holes range from 161ft to 750ft. There are some OB's, so be careful! Field gets mowed, I think twice a year and there are some areas with tall grasses off to the sides of the fairways, again be careful or you'll be doing some heavy searching!

Course Location:State: ME
Off of Route 5 in Saco Maine on Boom Road.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9Hole 10Hole 11Hole 12Hole 13Hole 14Hole 15Hole 16Hole 17Hole 18
professor12/4/200960-762.33362.33362.333 334543342334433333
professor12/4/200963-463.563.563.5 344543343433333443
professor12/3/200964-3646464 334543343344333444
foleykindaguy7/14/200766-167.66767.567.667 344632344334344444
foleykindaguy12/30/200673667.87567.7567.875 345754342634344444
foleykindaguy10/7/200666-167.14366.2567.143 244743342342443445
foleykindaguy10/5/200665-267.33366.2567.333 345654242442433433
foleykindaguy9/30/200667067.867.567.8Lost good d...444544243432443445
foleykindaguy9/28/2006670686868 344644243432434544
foleykindaguy9/14/200666-168.33368.33368.333 444543343433434434
foleykindaguy9/12/200670369.569.569.5 344643342433544455
patwah1219/8/200664-362.562.562.5 544643243422343434
Scott9/4/200661-6626262 333553343433333433
YoAshnish9/4/2006714767676 343753343543444444
foleyman8/27/200661-659.559.559.5 434632343422433434
foleykindaguy8/27/2006692696969 344743354433334444
dstefanilo138/26/200665-2656565 334644343433343434
foleyman8/19/200658-9585858 433632232333334443
patwah1218/19/200661-6616161 335533333333334443
YoAshnish7/16/2006781177.66777.66777.667 544844343643544445
YoAshnish5/8/200676977.577.577.5 453744363544443544
Scott4/29/200663-4636363 333733342433334444
YoAshnish4/29/20067912797979 344746383433444555