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Hellyer Park 18 holes Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
Hellyer County Park has a nice 9 hole course with cement tees and Mach III and V baskets. Two tee locations for each hole and multiple pin placements which are moved regularly. A lot of improvements are being done to this course on a regular basis. The hole numbers have changed. Most players start with hole 8 or 5. It is rumored that another 9 holes will be installed on the other side of the creek.

Course Location:State: CA
Hellyer County Park, San Jose, California. Take 101 to the Hellyer Exit in south San Jose. The course is on the east side of the freeway. Park along the road. Most people tee off on hole 17.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 8fHole 9fHole 1fHole 2fHole 3fHole 4fHole 5fHole 6fHole 7fHole 8bHole 9bHole 1bHole 2bHole 3bHole 4bHole 5bHole 6bHole 7b
GOtheDISCTANCE5/20/2017573585858Another PB ...333232524344333433
Bone10/8/2010661272.7572.7572.75 343433333445534435
Bone9/19/20107622757575 345343444466544544
GOtheDISCTANCE3/17/2010595595959Best 18 hol...332343433443443333
Bone3/7/2010681474.574.574.5 335333424544445435
Bone1/1/20108127818181I think I w...454333546455544566
SuperDave8/4/200850-450.72749.7550.1 333222332333333333
SuperDave4/15/200847-750.850.7550.8 332232322233332333
SuperDave4/8/200848-651.22250.7551.222 222233323233333333
SuperDave4/7/200854051.62551.551.625 233333333233343433
SuperDave3/26/200854051.28650.551.286 332323323332225436
SuperDave2/26/200847-750.83349.550.833 223232323333233323
SuperDave2/25/200851-351.650.2551.6 323233333233334323
SuperDave12/20/200750-451.7551.7551.75 232233233333333333
Senior10/1/200749-550.550.550.5 224432322333332422
Senior9/28/200752-2525252 334232233334332333
SuperDave9/26/200750-452.33352.33352.333 222333332333342423
SuperDave9/24/200750-453.553.553.5 233232332333333333
SuperDave4/25/2007573575757 423234333333443334