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Como Park Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
There are a variety of holes at Como Park. Long, grassy fairways are punctuated by shorter doglegs. However, Como's true claim to infamy is its water hazards. You'll be driving directly over deep water of varying width at least 3 times -- and even if you clear the H20, you may still lose a disc when it hits mud, trees, or a hill on the other side. Hole 14 is particularly brutal. Bring a couple old drivers you won't mind losing, or better yet a floater. Grass tees are well marked with colored bricks, and each hole has a high-quality sign mapping the fairway and any mandos. Due to the layout of the park, some tees are a good distance from the previous basket. A much more flat, wide-open, driver-oriented course compared to the nearby and heavily wooded hills of Chestnut Ridge, but there are still enough trees here to put a crimp in your score if the water doesn't. There's also heavy, swampy foliage off of the grassy fairways that may further deplete your bag if you make an especially poor throw.

Course Location:State: NY
Off Transit a few miles south of the Thruway (route 90). From Transit Road (route 78), turn east onto Como Park Blvd and follow it into the park. The course itself can be hard to find -- from the park entrance on Como Park Blvd, stay to your left past the basketball courts; you'll see a practice tee and a bridge near a small gravel parking lot. Hole one tees to the left and drives past an abandoned building.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9Hole 10Hole 11Hole 12Hole 13Hole 14Hole 15Hole 16Hole 17Hole 18
Goofball7162/27/201161-11616161 443323443544333333
ksmoothy9/28/200962-1061.7146261.714 343333442444343344
ksmoothy9/28/200964-861.66760.7561.6672 ob's miss...343443534443244343
ksmoothy9/7/200961-1161.260.7561.2 434332443533334433
ksmoothy8/3/200961-1161.2561.2561.25 433343344343443333
rikardob7/26/200961-1161.561.561.5Anna's seco...344333354434323433
rikardob7/6/200962-10626262Anna's firs...344334334444433333
ksmoothy6/11/200957-1561.33361.33361.333 334333333433333433
ksmoothy6/11/200964-863.563.563.5 433343434644325333
ksmoothy6/3/200963-96363631st time pl...444333532344433443
superium11/7/200854-1862.44856.7558.5 334322332443233433
superium11/7/200857-1562.755859.1 443232543333333333
superium11/7/200858-1462.96358.7559.6 333333342433333534
superium11/4/200858-1463.15459.2560.2 343323434533333333
superium10/24/200859-1363.366060.1 433233443433333434
superium10/24/200860-1263.54259.7560.7 444323433433324434
superium10/23/200860-1263.69659.7560.8 434323443543323433
superium10/17/200861-1163.86459.7561.3 343333444544332333
superium10/13/200858-14646061.6 443332343533323433
superium10/10/200860-1264.361.562.2 344223533534334333
shirfan9/30/200868-471.42969.7571.429 444444544544323334
shirfan9/21/200871-17270.7572light rain545543443454344433
superium9/19/200860-1264.52660.7562.4 443343333443334333
superium9/18/200862-1064.7786263.4 334333443733333433
superium9/16/200864-864.94161.7563.9 344333443533443443
shirfan9/14/200870-272.271.572.2 454344543534434344
superium9/4/200857-15656264 343222443443333433
superium9/3/200865-765.53363.7565.2 433342544543344433
superium9/2/200861-1165.57163.565.4 443323344443344333
superium9/2/200865-765.92363.7566.4 334333553534344433
superium9/1/200864-8666566.5 443433433534344433
superium8/29/200864-866.18265.7566.7 453323453544343333
superium8/27/200862-1066.46666.4 444332434444333343
superium8/24/200870-266.88967.7566.889 444343444545344443
superium8/21/200867-566.56766.5 444323444644344433
superium8/20/200865-766.4296866.429 444333444534343433
superium8/18/200869-366.66768.2566.667 444324534543336444
superium8/17/200867-566.267.566.2 445233543735343423
shirfan8/12/200870-272.7572.7572.75 443433444646353433
superium8/9/200871-1666666 444333443644455443
superium8/9/200866-664.33364.33364.333 544435433534343333
superium8/7/200866-663.563.563.5 554343433633343433
shirfan8/3/200872073.66773.66773.667 544343443646344443
shirfan7/22/200874274.574.574.5 443434554644454434
superium7/15/200861-11616161 333333343534344433
defender8457/2/200870-270.66770.66770.667 543344443654243444
defender8457/1/200870-2717171 353343553744344424
Geo7/1/200868-4686868 444333453644333444
defender8456/30/2008720727272 444334444634454444
shirfan6/7/2008753757575First time ...554454454444364343