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University of Utah Disc Golf Scores

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Course Description:
This course was recently installed (it is now 9/7/09). The University of Utah used to have a regular golf course on the east end of campus. This disc golf course was put on top of the old golf course. As I did not walk the old course, it might be that the land used for the disc golf course is just a part of the land previously used for the golf course. Some of the tee pads and targets are located on what were once putting greens. It's interesting feeling the ground as I walk on it, as it does feel like it was a different type of grass than the rest of the course. The course features elevation changes, particularly in the second half, as well as a variety of trees. It is more a technical course than some of the other courses in the valley, and there are not many where someone with very long range throws a fully powered drive. No water hazards, but be careful of the fence on the east side of the course especially on targets 5-7, as it can be too easy to throw the disc over the fence where the TRAX lines and streets with oncoming cars are driving. It can be tricky recovering the discs when that happens. Fortunately, there are no major hazards where discs are easily lost, other than the danger of the TRAX lines and traffic. UPDATE: In fall 2010, target locations for 10-12 were changed in order to reduce the number of discs that landed in the parking lot (and possibly hit cars). While 10 and 12 are similar, 11 is much longer than it was previously.

Course Location:State: UT
The course is located across the fence from the TRAX station which is closest to Primary Children's hospital. It is on the east side of the University of Utah campus. Note than a course map and scorecard can be found and printed from www.utah.edu/campusrec Note also that there are places on campus where discs can be rented. We brought all our discs, so we did not try to locate which buildings have disc rentals when we played.

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Best Overall 10 Round Averages

PlayerDateTotalScoreAverage4 Round Avg10 Round AvgCommentsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9Hole 10Hole 11Hole 12Hole 13Hole 14Hole 15Hole 16Hole 17Hole 18
spikegif3/24/2012661265.12564.565.125 344343434443344543
spikegif3/10/20126286564.565 235344334444333343
spikegif2/18/2012691565.566.565.5 444344444534234445
spikegif2/11/201261764.866.2564.8Derek 62343444333443333334
Stoutage10/14/2011551555555 333333233343333433
EagleDan7/19/201162862.563.2562.5 333335443443343433
Gilluin7/16/201163962.7695961windy to ve...333335324435443443
EagleDan6/27/2011691562.57163.562.571 434444444443453344
EagleDan6/21/2011641061.56261.5 443334333434353444
EagleDan6/14/20115846160.2561 333333333443334343
Corim Danex6/14/201152-254.78952.7553.1 333333233333323423
Gilluin6/11/201156262.755962Windy at ti...324423332333323454
Gilluin6/11/201158463.36458.7563.3Windy at ti...334324334343333433
Corim Danex6/11/201149-554.94453.2553.6Course reco...223232323333323334
Corim Danex6/11/201156255.29455.2554.2First ace i...331334333443333334
bballsbest6/4/2011681473.81870.2573.7Set persona...333335443444444454
Gilluin6/4/201159563.959.7563.9 343333333533333434
Laioni6/4/2011671373.18272.573.1 533453334444434344
Corim Danex6/4/201154055.2554.7554.4 333322333333334433
bballsbest6/4/2011701674.470.7574.4Tied person...334344434453444455
EagleDan5/7/201163961.7561.7561.75 343444323343334544
Natemellen5/7/20116915717171 442444534454434443
Gilluin5/7/201163964.44461.564.444 344533333433333445
Laioni5/7/2011792573.875.2573.8 474444337454453644
Corim Danex5/7/201154055.33354.554.3 233233433333433333
spikegif5/7/2011661265.7565.7565.75 333443334643344534
bballsbest5/7/2011711774.88972.2574.889 436344433444445444
Natemellen4/23/20117319737373 453445444554434434
Gilluin4/23/201155164.62562.2564.625New persona...422333233432323454
Laioni4/23/2011691573.22275.2573.222 343336533453444534
Corim Danex4/23/201157355.42953.7554.9 333333433333343343
spikegif4/23/2011701665.66765.66765.667First game ...554335434543443443
bballsbest4/23/2011721875.37573.7575.375 433455334464434454
Gilluin11/13/2010628666466 432534423333533444
Laioni11/13/2010752173.7577.2573.75 354554344553444454
Corim Danex11/13/201054055.30852.2555.5 223233333343233444
Laioni9/24/2010782473.5717573.571 444544444554435546
Corim Danex9/24/201053-155.4175355.4 332333332333333433
bballsbest8/19/2010701675.8577475.857Best round ...344444344444444444
bballsbest7/24/2010762276.8337876.833 554344543554553444
spikegif7/24/2010681463.563.563.5 444444335443445333
spikegif7/5/2010595595959First Time ...323343342433343444
bballsbest7/5/201077237777.577Includes 1 ...655344454643444444
Corim Danex7/5/201051-355.63653.555.4 223334323332324333
bballsbest6/28/20107319777777This was my...543444444443543554
Corim Danex6/28/201051-356.155.2556.1 323223333333423333
Corim Danex6/19/201057356.66755.7556.667New target ...323333323334343534
bballsbest6/19/2010863278.33378.33378.333Wind of 15-...453548454455434667
bballsbest6/5/2010742074.574.574.5Rushed to g...434355344454353564
bballsbest6/5/20107521757575Holes 10 an...555345545443534434