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Riverside park Disc Golf Course Matchup

Course Description:
There are some t-pads that are cement and some that are dirt they're working am finishing all the t-pads to be cement. There are some holes that are in the woods and some that aren't the ones in the wood... they don't have a lot of trees most of the ones in the woods have a lane towards the basket. Buy whole 16 and 17 there is a river... throughout the course there is long pee pads and Short pads. On hole 17 and 18 you may choose to shoot a long people over the river. The wind really depends on the days some days it the wind very calm and some days when is happy it depends on the day. There are multiple pin locations for the baskets.

Course Location:
The course is located near Highway 33 if you take a left on one of the roads and highway 33 coming into West Bend from the east side you will find the disc golf course you are then find it there are two parking lots 1 buy whole one and one by at the park that it's there

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10 Round
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seeder7/12/20137420-9.5-9.5-9.5Sample Data...542562253644525523
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